ComMetrics Resonance Check

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ComMetrics Resonance Check (you are here) is a composite index made up of the:
=> Conversation check, Consistency check, and the Ripple effect indices.

Resonance is made up of the 4 i’s – level of involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence for your blog.

The ComMetrics Resonance Check is made up of 3 Sub-Sections, namely, Conversation check, Consistency check, and the Ripple effect indices.

What is left?
We take the above scores and calculate an overall score. If you are interested in knowing how this works, click on this link and read about the details:

how are raw data processed

As you read this post, we might have come up with some additional indices in the meantime. These help us in better benchmarking and ranking social media efforts. As you will agree, popularity of a blog or website is not a comprehensive measure.

Find out more about these additional benchmark indicators we use for ranking blogs, website and social media efforts here:

what indicators are used to rank

PS.  The ComMetrics Resonanc Check is part of the ComMetrics Blog Impact index: a composite index based on several mezo indices including: ComMetrics Footprint and how big an impression your blog posts leave in cyberspace, ComMetrics Health Check usability, trust and credibility of blog content.