FT Global 500

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Financial Times

The FT Global 500 is the annual snapshot of the world’s largest companies, ranked by market capitalisation.

The greater the stock market value of a company, the higher its ranking. Market cap is the share price, as recorded on March 31 of each year, multiplied by the number of shares issued.

The variable is using the following categories:

0 = other
1 = FT Global 500

You can find out more what measures are used to arrive at the 500 largest publicly listed companies here:

FT Global 500 – methodology, tables and more


Did you know that while France had 18 companies listed in the FT Global 500 in 1996 there are 31 in 2008? This means three quarters of the CAC40 (i.e. the CAC40 comprises the the top 40 listed shares on the Paris Stock Exchange) are now included in the FT Global 500.

First looser is Japan that had 110 of its largest companies listed during 1996 and 39 remaining on the list in 2008. The U.S. had 203 giants listed in the FT Global 500 in 1996. 2008 this number has gone down to 169.

Biggest winner is China that went from 0 to 25 and the unexpected winner is Canada whose number rose from 10 to 24 in 2008.