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Blogs can be characterized by two more criteria:

1 – the blog is neither seasonal (e.g., Ramadan, Christmas or Olympic Games/ World Championships) nor focused on a single event (e.g., a congress or conference); and

2 – every week one post throughout the year including during holidays is being posted

An example is the Chevron Blog at World Petroleum Congress where one can read posts about that congress. Unfortunately, since the congress was held, no new posts have been released.

Another example is the Carpetbaggert a seasonal blog that covers all things around the Oscars. Accordingly, during Spring there is little if anything being posted. Of course this makes sense here but not for a corporate blog that wants to engage.

As well, new content should be posted regularly. For instance, the Nike basketball blog fails on this criteria because it sometimes has no new postings for 12 or more weeks. This also applies for one of the Texas Instruments blogs.

Here is a definition of what defines a organizational blog that tries to foster conversation:

Organizational blogs exhibiting vibrancy post new  content at least once every  week throughout the year including public and holiday periods.

Financial Times

Coding in our database – broadcasting and conversation

This variable provides information about the vibrancy of the Twitterfeed. If the above two criteria apply, we can than classify the Twitter account as either being:

0 = other
1 = vibrant microblog

Here’s what I’m suggesting for today

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