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What does it take to run a microblog that seems to foster conversation with your readers versus one that seems to broadcast only.

We describe the five criteria we use – see also:
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vibrancy – you are here

The always-on nature of Twitter, and the strong sense of vibrancy and vitality, are what make it so compelling. Twitter and similar microblogging tools can be compared to something like a slow-motion chatroom. The people on Twitter are constantly reinforcing my and your connection with them, and vice versa, through the unceasing flow of status updates.

The vibrancy is supported by people updating and providing information or status updates. In the organizational context this means – all else being equal, a vibrant Twitter account may have the following charcteristics:

1 – 1 tweet or more every workday (e.g., Monday through Friday) are being posted (minimum 20 each month); and

2 – postings continue throughout the year including vacation periods, while

3 – the blog shows 25% or higher public replies @username in its tweets

Some corporate microblogs post rarely such as Harl_-_myspace_logo_normal harleydavidson. Other post more frequently such as the nonprofit  Aha_asa_logo_cmyk_red_blk_normal foundersheart association.

Engaging with the audience you want to have a relationship with is, of course, a much smarter strategy than posting frequently. With too many posts, you run the risk of losing loyal readers, overwhelmed by the clutter you generate.

Regular posting keeps your target audience interested as illustrated by Logo5_normal whereelsebutqld – Queensland Tourism uses Twitter quite cleverly to interact ever more with followers using @usernanme replies but, as well, linking to tourists pictures about Queensland on flickr and elsewhere. Hence, it serves as a connector for past, current and potential visitors to connect, view, learn and share..

Here is a definition of what defines a organizational microblog that could be perceived as being alive and vibrant:

Organizational microblogs exhibiting vibrancy have regular postings (e.g., once every workday) throughout the year, while having 25% of their tweets or more being @username public replies (e.g., @Oxfam sent Somalia link Hassan’s story http://is.gd/ciXN thanks & more info http://is.gd/ciER)

Hence, a public reply such as [@crossthebreeze Thanks Kris :-) Enjoy your break, bizz ] does foster conversation between sender and receiver. Unfortunately, most followers of a corporate microblog will not understand and perceive such a reply as chatter or chaff. A bit different is the example we used in the definition given above because it allows others to benefit from Oxfam and understand what happened.

Financial Times

Coding in our database – vibrancy

This variable provides information about the vibrancy of the Twitterfeed. If the above two criteria apply, we can than classify the Twitter account as either being:

0 = other
1 = vibrant

Here’s what I’m suggesting for today

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