Online Word of Mouth Marketing (OnWOMma)

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Many communicate on the Web but does anybody want to hear? This score addresses the resonance your blog achieves and compares it to industry benchmarks.

The  Online Word of Mouth Marketing (OnWOMm)  (you are here) is a comment-analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to the type of resonanceyour blog posts generate to obtain the score ranging from 0 (worst) through 1 (best). In this context, resonance describes the level of being able to evoke an echo, response, reaction or freedback from the readers of one’s blog.

Online Word of Mouth Marketing (OnWOMma) is made up of the  Ripple Score (Google+, Twitter, Pinterest AND Facebook) and the Engagement/Social Interaction Score.

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How do we calculate the final score

How do we calculate the final score

The z-scores for the above indicators are added up to get an overall z-score.  This information is calculated into an overall score. Click here to find out how we process the raw data.

The actual OnWOMma  number is used in the ComMetrics algorithm to help determine the ComMetrics Footprint of the blog, website or other social media effort being benchmarked.

At this point, the overall scores are compared and rescaled using 100 as the top score.