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    Imagine having several c-level executives blog. Are they reaching their respective target audiences?

    Is blogging time well spent?

    Recently I wrote an article for the Financial Times on this subject. Takes a few minutes to read but should be worth your time.

In an ever faster changing global marketplace, the Internet and social media are being used by stakeholder groups to connect to each other. Often this happens without the direct involvement by the corporation owning the brand.

Today, a more effective spending of hard euro marketing costs is needed. Furthermore, it is critical that social media activities should help increase the firm’s lead generation and customer retention.

Such efforts can help in reaching potential clients and embracing existing customers by creating communities. While the company cannot respond to every comment people might leave on a blog or micro-blog to the CEO, social media helps the listening process regarding investors’ and customers’ needs and concerns.

An ever greater number of people is getting excited about Web 2.0 technology. One of the greatest challenges is explaining why this all matters, and how this all works, to people who have no idea what the technology can or cannot do.

Download the version as a pdf file here:

Financial Times – Is blogging good value for the C-suite? 2-pages

Our tools empower you to benchmark social media efforts and activities, while focusing attention on customers, trust and confidence, community, and social connections, interested?

Or read the article online here: Read more on the Financial Times website

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