How is the Alpha test going?

by Urs E. Gattiker on 2008/05/30 · 0 comments 4,103 views

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    We are developing our tool and testing first results
    Below we give you a glance at how it is looking

We have been focusing on some of the popularity measures to address benchmarking in the context for blogs, webpages and mini-blogging (e.g., Twitter).

Below is a first screenshot from the dashboard that we offer our Alpha users so far. Well, let us tell you more below:

popularity - benchmarking your blog - playing around with ComMetrics

If you cannot see the above screenshot try – crowdscoring your social media efforts – ComMetrics tool

Naturally, data presented in a table such as the one above have to be added and normalized to arrive at the compositive index. As well, there are a set of compositive indices that you can use to benchmark and rank yourself.

The dashboard enables the user to decide if things are listed in ascending or descending order, if she would like to see raw data or normalized data instead or both.

Naturally, the preference given to which indicators one wants to look at is another option.

Bottom Line

We continue to work on this to make it work even smoother than it does now. As well, we are putting in the visual options that allow users to get a trend analysis. In the latter, comparing one(s) blog(s) or webpage(s) with a set of possible competitors or best practic examples is a feature you can look forward to.

So stay tuned.

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