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    Measuring impact with only a single coarse tool when it comes to social media is dangerous
    We look at various statistical indicators to see whom the crowd is following on the Internet and what this means for the brand.

There is no single metric for ranking the popularity and/or influence of your Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) blog, your company’s page on Facebook, monitoring Twitter conversations and so on. There are two principle ways of ranking social media:

– traffic (which is not a term with automatic meaning) and

– through the number of links to a page – thes have generally been used as sign of influence.

Nevertheless, blog content depends on the quality of the blog or the social media channel in which the original story or post appears. These, in turn, depend on the integrity of the writer who checks the facts and makes sure that the material is correct.

Nevertheless, in the social media domain,

have become ever more important when assessing the influence of a blog or a social media campaign.

Essentially, similar to citation analysis for research, most scoring systems assessing the popularity or backlinks for a blog are focusing on the number of times a blog post is linked to or referred to by another blogger.

However, a report by the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the International Mathematical Union and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics states in a recent press release to a report warning over science citations:

    While having a single number to judge quality is indeed simple, it can lead to a shallow understanding of something as complicated as research. Numbers are not inherently superior to sound judgments.

Get the full report here:

Measuring Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook & blogs with a single metric is dangerous (416.9 KB)

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