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We address two lessons for National Football League (NFL) teams:

  • What mistake should an NFL blog avoid?
  • How can engagement be improved?

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The more things change…

When I discussed the rankings last December with a football aficionado, his comment was that the NFL blogging scene had experienced some radical changes. At first I wanted to agree with him, but then I was overcome by a haunting sense of deja vu.

It is hard to think the last three years have not changed a lot, what with constant the rise and fall of new platforms or social network system(s) (SNS). But in reality, what really has changed?

As the world’s top NFL team and fan blogs continue to prosper, others face a perennial struggle for survival. Blogs outside the top echelons ignore the importance of knowledge transfer (e.g., building links to other material about the topic that is available elsewhere on the web). Others seem to be severely challenged when it comes to engaging with their readers. Some do not even allow commenting, instead using blogs as a broadcasting tool, a very outdated, Web 1.0 concept (see 3 golden rules for social marketing).

Image - Just getting ready to throw the first touchdown - Aaron Rodgers - Super Bowl XLV was played in Arlington, Texas and won by the Green Bay Packers.

Where are the Seattle Seahawks?

Big names dominate the top slots. Of course, one would expect Super Bowl contestants to be in the top 10, just like in 2013. However this year’s competitors leave me wondering, will Super Bowl XLVIII make it there?

The Seahawks Blog has been inactive since July 15, 2013, and the Denver Broncos are doing a bit better. Sports fans tend to be very interested in articles about how the team is getting ready for the Super Bowl, and what interests us, we share. In other words, sports fans love to share opinions and information with others about their favourite team.

This is especially true when the Super Bowl is just around the corner. And while blogs are engineered to support these natural inclinations, even looking high and low will not reveal a Share button on the Denver Broncos’ blog. When people read something they care about, such as a video that helps kids solve tough algebra problems or how the Denver Broncos travelled to New Jersey for Sunday’s Super Bowl, they want to be able to hit the Share button to let their friends know.

Four-year trend – Big names missing at the top

Once again, we present the January 2014 CyTRAP BlogRank for American football blogs.

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Just click the column title to arrange scores according to a particular year. If you click on the small i in the blue field next to the flag, you get more information about the particular blog and each of its blog entries.

Top 10 rankings
1. Top spot is taken by Buffalo Bills who already did very well in the 2013 rankings.
3. Richard Eisen is an American television journalist who works for the NFL Network.
4. Arizona Cardinals
5. Houston Texans
7. Green Bay Packers

None of the teams playing in Super Bowl XLVIII is found in any of the top 10 blog spots.

CyTRAP BlogRank
2014 2013 2012 2011 2010  3 year
 4 year
1 2 32 24 8 14  info United States
2 8 55 33 25 43  info United States
3 11 6 14 27 1 3  info United States
4 24 12 9 4 4 7  info United States
5 27 14 7 21 5 6  info United States
6 12 49 24 42…  info United States
7 42 13 6 19 11 8  info United States
8 6 45 57  info United States
9 1 44 55  info United States
10 3 65 37 51  info United States
11 10 52 26 45  info United States
12 29 15 40 7 22  info United States
13 4 56 30 50  info United States
14 5 46 58  info United States
15 14 50 60  info United States
16 7 48 59  info United States
17 18 63 45 41 49  info United States
18 15 60 40 52  info United States
19 30 17 22 12 16  info United States
20 19 53 62  info United States
21 13 43 22 40  info United States

What happened to the Denver Broncos?

The Denver Broncos are also way down the list. While a NFL teams’ blogs placed in the high 20s and up, there are no Denver Broncos to be found here!

28 44 21 17 10 16 13  info United States
29 34 40 27 46  info United States
30 53 71 75  info United States
31 52 22 46 18 33  info United States
32 31 18 8 13 15 11  info United States
33 101 102  info United States
34 36 50 44 38 41  info United States
35 41 65 70  info United States
36 37 30 42 35 21 32…  info United States
37 33 68 49 60 56  info United States


Finally, the Denver Broncos turn up in spot 53. At least they come up – the Seattle Seahawks cannot be found anywhere.

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53 40 26 51 23 38  info United States

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Bottom line

CyTRAP BlogRank data clearly show that not having a social sharing button on your blog is bad strategy. This is where the Broncos lose and the Buffalo Bills do much better.

Not allowing for reader comments is a no go. Failing to reply to these is another faux-pas par excellence. If you want to broadcast use the media, but if you want to engage, act accordingly and JOIN the conversation.

Source: CyTRAP BlogRank: Top 100 NFL blogs

What is your favourite football metric?

How does your favourite team rank?
Please, leave a comment below.

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  • Roberto Zalazar

    My favorite statistic is the millions of tweet that happen during Superbowl.
    Thanks for the statistics you show above.
    I am surprised that the Seattle Seahawks do not seem to have a blog….. I mean if it is dead since July 2013 what happened?
    The Broncos blog is much better but still, is it good enough for a Super Bowl winner?
    What you think.

    •*/*/*/FTindex Urs E. Gattiker

      Dear Robert:
      I went and looked. During #SB47 Super BowlXLVII, Twitter roared. During the game and halftime intermission, 24.1 million tweets were sent out.

      Of course, with the many interruptions, one has the time to type a short tweet. Did anybody read them though. I for one had no time and just watched and laughed with friends.

      But maybe I am an exception and what happens in social media during the game is more important than what goes on on the field?
      Hope not. May the best team win.

      Thanks Roberto for sharing.

      •*/*/*/FTindex Urs E. Gattiker

        Just some additional info I found:
        The average price for 30 seconds of air time during the big game this year is pegged at $3.8 million.

        Incidentally, that price tag is an an 8.6% jump from last year’s $3.5 million price tag.

        Oh before I forget, a whopping 27% higher than the $3 million charged in 2011.
        Amazing more:

        Enjoy the game Ray.

        • Joaxa


          WE host the World Cup this year in Brazil.

          8 marketers are paying Brazil’s dominant TV network Globo a total of $600 million for a TV presence around the soccer games and related coverage.

          Globo’s World Cup promo: ‘We’re all one.’

          At $75 million per sponsor, that’s the equivalent of almost 20 thirty-second Super Bowl spots each for AmBev, Coca-Cola, Banco Itau, Johnson & Johnson, Hyundai, Nestle, wireless business Oi and local retailer Magazine Luiza.

          What you say to that?

          •*/*/*/FTindex Urs E. Gattiker


            Thanks just came across these numbers (see below).

            HOW MANY ITEMS WILL ADVERTISERS HAVE TO SELL TO MATCH THEIR $4m fee for 30 second commercial?

            – 5.7m cans of Coke
            – 1.0m bottles of Heinz ketchup (64oz)
            – 114’000 packs of David Bechham’s boxer shorts
            – 33,000 annual subscriptions to Beats Music
            – 237 Volkswagen Passats

            Steel, Emily (February 1/1, 2014). Super Boiwl advertising goes into overdrive. Financial Times. Retrieved, Feb. 1 from

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