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In short, this post addresses three questions:

  • Who are the top fashion bloggers?
  • What criteria do fashion magazines use to create blogger lists?
  • How does a fashion brand decide which blogger to sponsor?

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Do blogs matter in the business of fashion? Daniel Plenge, director of digital at Marc Jacobs Intl., New York, thinks so and was quoted as saying, “They are instantaneous, organic and fans are more apt to relate.”

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While blogs may help accentuate brand image, as well as align it with a particular audience or sought-after clientele, how do we know if its content resonates (e.g., “Now I know what to buy.”)?

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Crowdsourcing – see what the cat drags in

One way to find out which bloggers are popular with your clients is to run a contest, like Neiman Marcus did. Each finalist was promised a US$1,000 gift card and their portraits were posted for voting on and The grand prize offered was a US$2,500 gift card, allowing the crowd to decide who wins.

Another approach is to ask readers to submit names (again a crowdsourcing approach), and then let the editors choose and decide. This is what Marie Claire UK did for its inaugural award in 2012 (good luck finding out who won in 2013…).

Create your own list

Many people create their own list, which can be refreshing. For instance, fashion blogger cocorosas created her own list for LA and New York, among others. This is one sure way to get attention from other bloggers.

Apparently, Fashionista used another approach with a clear methodology:

Fashionista’s list of the most influential personal style bloggers was determined by a strict methodology: We factored in Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr followers, monthly pageviews, press mentions, affiliate marketing successes, and industry sentiment.

But considering that often less than one percent of users click tweeted links, follower numbers can hardly be seen as an accurate predictor.

CyTRAP BlogRank – top 50 list

Click to view ComMetrics infographic - Ranking Fashion Blogs?The CyTRAP BlogRank is an algorithm that assigns a numerical weight to each blog post, in order to obtain the score, which ranges from 0 (worst) through 100 (best).

CyTRAP BlogRank is calculated using SIX indices: Headline ScoreText Complexity ScoreFirst Impressions ScoreKnowledge Transfer ScoreOnline Word of Mouth Marketing (OnWOMma), which is made up of the Ripple Score (LinkedIn, Twitter und Facebook), and the Engagement/Social Interaction Score.

Who was included and why?

We went ahead and used all the lists mentioned above and included these blogs in our own list. In other words, we deferred to the expertise of fashion editors, designers, afficionados and many more to create a list of blogs for the US.

Just for (very useful) fun, we also asked the algorithm to group these blogs. The CyTRAP BlogRank helps you improve your Google PageRank, and target visitor traffic by focusing attention on engagement (e.g., reader comments), and social sharing (i.e. what gets shared on which social network).

Arieta Mujay is in charge of UK public relations for fashion brand River Island. Her suggestion is to engage with readers, be personal (e.g., writing style and Text Complexity Score), and come across as a professional with your blog posts (First Impressions Score; as outlined in The Blog Works II).

Conclusion – The winners are

CLICK - Register for FREE - CyTRAP BlogRank - TRACK your blog.Here is our list based on the numbers – congratulations, and our hats off to you!

Update 2013-09-03: Thanks to @fashionknitsa for correction regarding – erroneously put on UK list – a US fashion blog from @BlairEadieBEE (now on the US list).


Find the COMPLETE list hereCyTRAP BlogRank: 50 best US fashion blogs 2013

How does a fashion brand decide which blog to sponsor?

Some have argued that trust remains an issue, because brands are still wary of the raft of inexperienced bloggers posting about their Spring line up. Such content is, however, easily accessible, and while it may be in the raw and rough, bloggers can be quite successful by achieving great resonance with their content among their loyal followers.

Fashion labels and brands should track the blogs they sponsor. This way, monitoring provides helpful feedback for the sponsor and the blogger on improving content to better engage and resonate with the target audience – customers. How a certain type of headline affects sharing of the blogger’s story about New York Fashion Week on Facebook matters to the brand and blogger alike. Systematic monitoring using CyTRAP BlogRank helps, so talk to us!

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Source: Top 50 US fashion blogs

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