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The objective of the forum guidelines is to specify what kinds of support you can expect to find here, and what we expect from anyone posting tips to other users. We want to maintain these forums as a helpful channel to everyone.

    No official support. These forums are NOT an official support channel. For official support, especially regarding payments and orders, we always ask you to submit a ticket through the ComMetrics contact form. Also, we ask you to review the Knowledge Base for the latest official tips.
    Refer to previous knowledge. Try reading other threads and previously suggested tips relating to your issue first. If they do not work, please start your own thread explaining your problem, system set-up and what you already tried. Do not ‘hijack’ other threads.
    One tip or question at a time. When you have something you need help with and post a question, we post only one or two tips or clarifying questions in response. You must answer these questions before the process can continue. By the same token, when someone has offered help in a thread, please DO NOT add additional replies until the poster has responded to the previous questions.
    No old tips. We revisit the old tips from time to time and only post relevant and updated ideas, as versions of ComMetrics keep improving and many old hints become irrelevant. If you are a poster, revisit your hints from time to time to confirm they are still valid.
    No post deletion. Please be conscious of what you post in the forum and remember that it will be stored permanently for public display. We only remove posts that violate our forum policies (e.g.,  spam or abuse). We do not remove or edit your posts simply because you change your mind.
    We do not support repetitive posting. Duplicate posts will be automatically deleted without warning.
    PM (Private Message). Please keep in mind that this is not the place to post the content of a PM on this forum without the permission of the person that sent you the PM. If the sender does give you permission to post the content of the PM, always mention this in your forum post.

Forums Policy
The ComMetrics Forums are an open place of communication for all ComMetrics users, enthusiasts, developers and anyone else interested in contributing to the discussion. To maintain the usefulness of forums, we expect all forum participants to follow these simple rules.

Choose an appropriate forum
If you are a new user, browse through the forums to find the one that most closely matches the topic of your interest. Read the forum description.

Search before you post
Many of your questions have been answered before. To minimize noise and duplicates, search through the forums and other materials (FAQs, user guides) before you post. The forums have a search feature that lets you search for keywords in existing posts.

Show respect to others
You are expected to maintain a helpful, respectful tone when posting. Opinions are welcome, but they cannot escalate into flaming and rudeness against ComMetrics, its staff, other forum members or any other party.

Unacceptable posts
The following types of posts are not accepted in ComMetrics Forums.

    Spam. CyTRAP Labs  and ComMetrics maintain an aggressive no-spam policy. Spam in ComMetrics Forums will be deleted without warning. Note that informed discussion about ComMetrics and competitor offerings or any related hardware, software or services is welcome in these forums. In the context of ComMetrics forums, ‘Spam’ means blatant, offensive, repeated commercial advertising.
    Discrimination based on age, sex, race, location, cultural background or any other criteria. Cultures, opinions and traditions differ, and ComMetrics forums are a place for cooperation, not clashes.
    Political flames. ComMetrics Forums participants come from all parts of the political spectrum. Flaming each other based on political views and opinions helps no one, will not be tolerated and the ComMtrics team will not hesitate to intervene.

Help with forum maintenance
If you notice novice users behaving improperly, respectfully offer guidance. If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness or other violations of our policies, feel free to bring it to the attention of a ComMetrics team-member.

Reserved avatars
Please note that the ComMetrics Team, ComMetrics Moderator and ComMetrics Super User avatars are only assigned by ComMetrics team-members and may not be used by other users. If you do so, the avatar will be removed and you will be notified.

Respect closed beta rules
Some forums are only open to ComMetrics closed beta program members or privileged users. You must follow the closed beta rules in those forums.